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bathroom accessories
FAMILY series
Holder for crutches or walking aidsF18AKL02 - F18AKR02, 135mm wide x 95mm deep.
Bracket F18AKL02xx (left version) - F18AKR02xx (right version),made of stainless steel epoxy powder coated. The F18AKL02xx bracket is to be fitted on the left and the F18AKR02xx bracket on the right for the handles of the same series.
The following colors are available:
White W2 
Anthracite gray D8 


Manufacturer: Ponte Giulio

Distribution: Deubad
Order number: F18AKL02 (left) - F18AKR02 (right)

Support for crutches or walkers F18AKL02 - F18AKR02

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