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support handleDeu Waves G27JCS30 series

Projection of the folding support rail 700 mm, with support foot, down and upfoldable. With adjustable brake, stepless braking effect. With stainless steel wall plate and plastic cover plate, 110 mm wide, 135 mm high. Rail spacing 145 mm. Handle Ø 33 mm, non-slip, made of seamless plastic with a stainless steel core. Permanent antibacterial effectiveness through integrated silver ions. Invisible attachment. Without fastening material. Depending on the masonry or anchoring material, the appropriate fastening material should be selected from our range (specific stainless steel fastening material). Color of your choice from the current color palette.
Meets the requirements of DIN 18040-1/2. CE marking. Class 1 medical products according to Directive 93/42/EEC.
Retrofitting with paper roll holder F17AGN03 and Deubad universal radio transmitter DEUFK100. 
Manufacturer: Ponte Giulio
Distribution: Deubad
Item: G27JCS30

Support rail series Deu-Waves G27JCS30

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