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"our bathroom furnishing products are timeless"

You shoulduse your own bathroom comfortably and longer with our productscan. Ifbarrier-free, cross-generational, or after an accidentl want to rearrange your bathroom, our products are the ideal companion for such cases. The aesthetics are not neglected.
Deubad has also specialized in the production of
Custom made shower curtains.
We have a wide range of fabrics made from high-quality 100% polyester.
On request we can make your personal shower curtain for you.

You give us the width and height of the shower curtain and choose the pattern that you like best from our collection. After a short time you will receive your shower curtain.
Of course, you can also purchase shower curtains with standard dimensions.

We also offer a
wide range of bathroom furnishing productsat.
These bathroom products are suitable for furnishing bathrooms for hotels, private homes, homes and hospitals.
We offer
innovative and design-oriented productsthat are consistent with the latestmost environmentally friendly technologiesare made. Our cross-generational fittings in various shapes and colors adapt effortlessly to many bathrooms.
Washbasins and shower trays made of Corian®(acrylic stone mineral) offer numerous advantages for the user and can be obtained as standard products or manufactured according to customer requirements.
More information can be found in the "Important information for acrylic stone" section.
You will find ergonomic and colorful models in our kindergarten range.
The safety handles - standard or custom-made - are available in many colors. Seamless and seamless surface, pleasant grip, ergonomic diameter are some of the features.

The barrier-free products are TÜV tested and approved for a nominal load of up to 150 kg.
Our products are eco-friendly and recyclable.

We are the only manufacturer to offer our barrier-free delivery programSilver ions as series production at no extra chargeat.
The appliedSilver Ion Technologyoffers a lastingantimicrobial and antibacterial protection. The silver ions are an integral part of our plastic products. A great deal of information about silver ion technology can be accessed in this portal.
On request, we offer special solutions that adapt to individual needs.
We support and advise wholesalers, contractors, builders, specialist engineers, interior designers and architectural offices. 

  Your Deubad® team
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