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Declaration of Performance for BagnoCucciolo®

Declaration of Performance No. 997-2013-01R1

For the BagnoCucciolo® children's sanitary range, our line declaration no.
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EU - Regulation 528/2012 - Biocide - Regulation

Our textiles are without finishing or additives

Legal basis for the authorization of biocides

Regulation (EU) 528/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the making available on the market and use of biocidal products, "Biocidal Products Regulation" for short, was passed in May 2012. It came into force on July 17, 2012. It must be applied from September 1st, 2013 and will then replace the previously applicable Biocides Directive (RL 98/8/EG). The new regulation regulates the placing on the market and use of biocidal products throughout Europe. More information on the biocide regulation can be found on the portal of the Federal Environment Agency.

List of notified products

The Biocidal Products Regulation regulates the marketing and use of biocidal products on the European market. According to the Chemicals Act, the BAuA, the Federal Office for Chemicals, is responsible for carrying out all regular procedures in accordance with the Biocide Ordinance. In particular, it issues approvals and mutual recognition of biocidal products in Germany. In addition to the leading task as a coordination body, it also assesses the effectiveness of biocidal products, the chemical identity and the physico-chemical properties.

TÜV certificates and organic compatibility

The barrier-free products of the Maxima and Deu-Wave series are TÜV-certified. They are made to our specification by the Italian market leader Ponte Giulio ®.
The certifications certify the maximum nominal load of 150 KG. The TÜV certificates are available on request

Furthermore, the certified products have been tested for their skin compatibility by the BIOSERV laboratory and are classified as biologically compatible.

Antimicrobial BioCote® silver ion technology for a hygiene-conscious environment

An effective and lasting protection for the highest hygiene requirements

The product series MAXIMA, DEU-WAVES and numerous products of the new series SWING LINE have been enriched by adding silver ions from BioCote® during production.

The treated handles and bathroom accessories show a higher antibacterial effectiveness of up to 99.9% compared to untreated handles and accessories. Our products provide durable and effective protection against a full spectrum of bacteria, mold and microbes. This is an enormous advantage when using our products in the hygienic area of hospital bathrooms as well as retirement homes or residences. The innovative silver ion technology reduces the risk of contamination. Silver is effective against bacteria, microbes, mold and germs. A significant reduction occurs within 15 minutes and a reduction of up to 99.5% within just 2 hours. The microsilver is evenly incorporated into the plastic granules during the production of our products. The silver ions cannot be rubbed off even during very long use and regular cleaning. BioCote technology is an ideal way to keep the product surface more hygienic between cleaning cycles.

The silver ions from BioCote® are effective and kind to people and the environment.

For more information about BioCote® and silver technology, see "What is BioCote", the BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology leaflet, and the link to BioCote "More about antibacterial effects through silver ion technology.

Below is the list of bacteria and germs reduced by 99.9% using BioCote®. i.a. is called MRSA (Multiple Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).

BioCote Water Spectrum

"STOP" to bacterial proliferation and proliferation through active silver ions - technology by BioCote

Silver ion technology by BioCote

This is what bacteria look like!

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European regulation 453/2010 - REACH

Our products are compliant with EU Regulation 453/2010 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and do not contain any substances or mixtures that pose a risk to health or the environment within the meaning of Directive 67/548 /EWG.
Our products do not require approval under the REACH regulation and meet the latest standards and industry specifications.
Deubad GmbH & Co. KG

The information regarding safety data sheets according to REACH can be found on the BioCote portal (see link under Silver ion technology).

We are not authorized to post the safety data sheets of our raw material suppliers on our website.

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Acrylic Stone - Hard as stone, soft as silk

Strong colors and translucent pastel tones inspire the imagination
We chose acrylic stone from Corian® for both the BagnoCucciolo® kindergarten series and the Midioplan® deluxe bathrooms. Acrylic stone is a high-quality mineral material. Our washbasins and shower trays have non-porous, smooth and seamless surfaces. They are easy to clean and extremely hygienic thanks to the dirt-repellent surface. Acrylic stone is also characterized by resistance to common household chemicals and resistance to bacteria and viruses. Our products are as hard as stone and as soft as silk. In addition to the standard products, we offer numerous custom-made products on request. Acrylic stone vanities and shower trays are available in either Corian® or Hi-Macs®.

When it comes to high-quality design, not only does the material play a role, the choice of color is also crucial. Elegant white, warm brown, mystical aubergine, volcanic structure, translucent pastel shades or elegantly shimmering textures. Corian® has almost every imaginable color nuance in its range. But no matter which shade you choose: Corian® is homogeneous through and through.
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