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shower curtain rod G40JRS10
Series Maximum 1800 mm,straight, made of Ø 33 mmPolyamide with aluminum core. Antibacterial. Concealed fastening with wall rosettes Ø 80 mm made of stainless steel with cover caps. Rod can be shortened as required on site. With 18 curtain rings made of POM (POM is characterized by high strength, rigidity and sliding ability). Incl. stainless steel screws and dowels. Color of your choice from the current color palette. Matching shower curtains can be selected from the Eifa series.


From 1800 mm there is a connecting piece to accommodate a ceiling suspension.


Other dimensions on request

Manufacturer: Ponte Giulio

Distribution: Deubad
Article number: G40JRS10

Shower curtain rod straight Maxima G40JRS10

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