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grab handleSeries Maxima G40JAS04 axis dimension 520mm, external dimension 600mm,straightfrom Ø 33 mmplastic, seamless, seamless, non-slip and skin-friendly with a stainless steel core. Wall rosettes Ø 80 mm made of stainless steel with cover cap made of nylon. Distance to the wall from the inside of the handle 67 mm. Used for grabbing and holding. Permanent antibacterial effectiveness through integrated silver ions. Fulfills the requirements of DIN 18040. Loadable up to 150 kg. CE marking: Class 1 medical devices according to Directive 93/42/EEC. Concealed attachment. Fixing material included. Color of your choice from the current color palette.


Manufacturer: Ponte Giulio SpA

Distribution: Deubad GmbH & Co.KG

Order number: G40JAS04

Grab handle Maxima G40JAS04 axis dimension 520 mm

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