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magnetic shower

The absolute novelty.No drillingandno expertisenecessary. Ideal for rented apartments, hotels, sports facilities and anywhere where drilling is not permitted or not possible. Small children also have fun with the magnetic shower with additions such as "butterfly", "gecko" and "fish" because they can hang the shower at their height. The shower can be attached anywhere thanks to the magnetic force. You can choose from the following options: overhead shower or body shower. Fast and uncomplicated installation on clean and dry tiles thanks to adhesive strips on both sides. Self-cleaning nozzles. This guarantees an optimal beam. No tedious limescale cleaning necessary. The lime and magnesium ions in the water are dissociated by the permanent magnet. If the shower is used occasionally, it is sufficient to gently rub the nozzles with your hand when the water drains to restore the water flow. The water flow is programmed for a pleasant body massage.

The parts of the magnetic shower are free of nickel and chrome. The shower head and shower bar are made exclusively of ABS and stainless steel. The rod is extra flat and is 2 mm thick.

The shower comes standard with a flow control and Neoperl Walve. This reduces water consumption.

Technical specifications:

ABS shower with 33 Waterway jets in PP

Two permanent magnets

Check Walve + Flow Controller 9 L/min.

Shower bar made of stainless steel

Hooks at the end of the shower rail to hang shampoo bottle or sponge

Curved shower rail for overhead shower

3M adhesive strips on both sides

Cleaning cloth 3M for the tiles

150 cm high-tensile shower hose with two stainless steel connections suitable for all shower heads



Unique design

One-time product

No maintenance

No drilling

prevention of lime formation

water saving




Art. number DEUMS100

Magnetic shower with slider and rod 100 cm



Gecko item number DEUMSG001


Butterfly item number DEUMSS002


Fish item number DEUMSF003

Magnetic shower with slider and rod 100 cm DEUMS100

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